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Ohio Police Jailed 3-Year Old Toddler With Shoplifting Mother

Police in Strongsville, Ohio, are facing criticism for their decision to lock a three-year-old girl up behind bars after arresting her mother for shoplifting.

27-year-old Latonya Bass was in a Walmart store with her three-year-old daughter and decided to steal over $500 worth of merchandise by stashing it in the little girl’s stroller.

Bass was arrested and taken to the police station where she was placed in a holding cell, but the three-year-old girl had no place else to go, so she too was placed behind bars with her mother for a half-hour before her father came to pick her up.



Police maintain that they made the right decision by putting the girl in the cell with her mother, but, according to The Free Thought Project, the little girl’s parents claim that she is now afraid of the police.

Bass has since pleaded not guilty to charges of petty theft and criminal trespassing.

Source: Opposing Views

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