The Girl Who Was Pushed From A 60-Foot Bridge Now Wants Her Friend To Sit In Jail

A group of teens ventured atop a bridge with a 60-foot drop with the possible notion of jumping from it as part of a daredevil stunt. Jordan Holgerson was one of those teens who wanted to make that jump. According to reports and an interview on the Today Show with Taylor Smith, she states Holgerson told her to give her a nudge if she didn’t jump on her own.  The friend obliged her request.

With hindsight  now being 20/20 Jordan Holgerson wants her friend Taylor Smith to be punished for pushing her off the bridge because her summer is now ultimately ruined.

Read more as reported by WGN:

Photo Credit: Today

The Washington 16-year-old whose friend pushed her off a 60-foot bridge says that friend should “sit in jail and think about … what she did.”

So says Jordan Holgerson, now home from the hospital but still recovering from six broken ribs, two punctured lungs, and other internal injuries, in an interview with Today.

She says she at first didn’t want 18-year-old Taylor Smith punished, but she has thought about it more and changed her mind.

“I kind of got mad because the rest of my summer’s gone and I’m probably going to be recovering for the rest of the school year,” she says, adding that Smith’s apology to her wasn’t enough.

The girls were with other friends at Moulton Falls Regional Park, at a spot popular with daredevils who want to jump from the bridge to the water below despite signs barring such antics. Holgerson says she went up on the bridge because she thought she wanted to jump, then changed her mind when she saw how high it was.

When people jump, they try to go into the water feet-first; Holgerson, instead, belly-flopped after being pushed. Doctors say entering the water the wrong way could feel like smacking into concrete.

Holgerson says she’s still in a lot of pain. As for potential criminal charges, police have passed their findings onto the county prosecutor’s office for review. (Smith says she “feels really bad.”)

Source: WGN

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