“Ohio Boy Who Was Given Up by Adoptive Parents was Never Told They Were Giving him up”

There has been a huge controversy around a little 9-year-old boy in Ohio who was adopted as an infant.  The boy was left at a child protection agency with a note and a few pieces of clothes from his adoptive parents Lisa Cox, 52, and her husband, Cleveland Cox, 49.  The note was written by Lisa Cox which read, ”  that she loved him and would never forget him”.  Lisa and her husband claims that the boy threatened them with a knife and that they were fearful of the child.


Cleveland and Lisa Cox

Documents filed by the prosecutor say the parents didn’t tell the boy when they left him with children’s services on Oct. 24 that he wouldn’t be returning home. The boy believed he was going to a hospital to be “fixed,” according to the documents.

She also wrote,It breaks my heart that you can no longer be a part of our family.”

She also said she was praying that God would take care of the boy and would find the “perfect family” to love him.

County prosecutor Michael Gmoser declined to comment on Wednesday. The couple’s attorney, Anthony VanNoy, said the case involves “very difficult issues.”

The couple also had been scheduled for a hearing in juvenile court Wednesday on a civil complaint filed by the county’s children’s services agency. The magistrate granted VanNoy’s request to delay that hearing until after the criminal case is concluded.

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