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A Newborn Baby Was Found Inside A Backpack Outside A Tempe Arizona Grocery Store

A baby girl was found abandoned inside a Jonas Brothers backpack in Arizona — and new 911 audio reveals the child was born just hours before she was discovered.

The newborn was stuffed in the backpack and dumped in a shopping cart outside Food City in Tempe around 7:45 p.m. Sunday, according to Azcentral.

Photo Credit: Tempe Police


A pedestrian who found the baby reported it to a store manager, who called 911.

“Hi, I just found a newborn baby,” the man says, as the baby cries in the background, according to audio of the call released by police. “And she’s beautiful.”

He added, “Oh my goodness, the baby was just barely born right now … the [umbilical] cord was cut but it’s still attached.”

Police said the baby, who is believed to have been born one to three hours before she was discovered, was taken to the hospital and appears to be in good health. They’re working on trying to identify her.

Source: New York Post

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