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New York Doctor Who Treated Ebola Patients Admitted To Hospital With 103 Fever After Hanging Out At Popular Brooklyn Night Spot

Craig Spencer

Ebola panic has struck New York City and the fear may already have spread from suspected infected doctor Craig Spencer’s home of Manhattan to nearby Brooklyn, where the Doctors Without Borders physician visited a hip bowling hotspot one day before he was rushed to the hospital with a 103F fever.

Instead of steering clear of crowds after his recent return from Guinea, the 33-year-old took an Uber car to Williamsburg where he visited the one of the trendy neighborhood’s bowling alleys–either Brooklyn Bowl or The Gutter–according to Free Williamsburg.

The terrifying detail means that residents in at least two dense New York City neighborhoods could have been exposed: Williamsburg and Harlem, where Spencer lives.

While it initially remained unclear which bowling alley the potentially symptomatic doctor visited,Animal New York reported Thursday evening that Brooklyn Bowl would open for the night.

The Gutter did not open its doors on Thursday and canceled a scheduled band showcase but staff made no mention of Ebola.

The closure was blamed on ‘unforeseen circumstances’ as reporters began to flock to the establishment into Thursday night.

Reporters had flocked to the shuttered doors of The Gutter by Thursday evening, but no one in hazmats suits had yet to appear.

Dr, Spencer flew to Africa on September 18 to treat patients in Guinea with non-profit organization Doctors Without Borders.

On September 18, Dr Spencer tweeted a picture of himself wearing a full yellow hazmat suit and face mask with the message: ‘Off to Guinea with Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Please support organizations that are sending support or personnel to West Africa, and help combat one of the worst public health and humanitarian disasters in recent history.’

On October 16, he checked in at a hotel in Brussels, Belgium, presumably on his return journey from Guinea to the U.S.

The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said on Thursday: ‘EMS HAZ-TAC Units transported a patient to Bellevue Hospital who presented a fever and gastrointestinal symptoms.

‘The patient is a health care worker who returned to the U.S. within the past 21 days from one of the three countries currently facing the outbreak of this virus.

Source: Daily Mail

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