New Indictment Claims That Birdman And Rapper Young Thug Conspired To Kill Label Mate Lil Wayne


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Birdman and Young Thug have been accused of plotting to kill Lil Wayne. An indictment filed in Cobb County, Ga. last month alleges that there was a conspiracy when the Young Money rapper’s tour buses were shot up in April.

Jimmy Carlton Winfrey was arrested on June 2 in connection with the shooting, which he did to gain “street cred” with his fellow Blood gang members, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

According to Channel 2 Action News, the indictment alleges that Winfrey, Jeffery Lamar Williams aka Young Thug, and Bryan Williams aka Birdman, are all members of the Bloods and were involved in a RICO conspiracy. Lil Wayne is also allegedly a member of the gang.

However, Young Thug and Birdman were not charged in the incident. But Young Thug was arrested Wednesday after allegedly threatening to shoot a mall security guard in the face.

Winfrey was indicted in June on six charges—aggravated assault, terroristic threats and acts, criminal damage, possession of a firearm by a felon, criminal gang activity, reckless conduct, and discharging a weapon near the street.

This is the latest development in an ongoing feud between Birdman and Lil Wayne. On Sunday night, the Cash Money boss allegedly dumped a drink on Weezy during an appearance at LIV nightclub in Miami. Wayne is suing Baby for $51 million and his release from Cash Money Records.

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