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It’s National Forgiveness Day!!

Who knew there was a day set aside to forgive.  Truthfully forgiving is sometimes a hard thing to do depending on the situation, however everyone deserves some forgiveness.  One must first start with forgiving yourself for whatever it is, whether it is a small thing or a large thing.

Forgiving oneself allows the person to forgive others, Lord knows that when ill feelings and hate is not released, it can make one very bitter and lose sight of their purpose in THIS LIFE.

Personally, it took me a very long time to learn to forgive people for wrongs committed against me, but when I did finally grasp the fact that I had to forgive myself first forgiving others came very easy.  Not too long ago my family experienced a tragedy and although all my family members have not forgiven the person, I have because judgement is NOT UP TO ME!! So therefore when I don’t forgive, I am potentially blocking the blessing that God has in store for me and people…..THAT IS NOT AN OPTION!!!!




National Forgiveness Day: A time to forgive and be forgiven

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