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NEW MUSIC!! “Less Hurt, More Love” ChiTown’s Own Dra Day

In the wake of the massive amounts of violence plaguing Chicago, the “Put The Guns Down” movement does not seem to be enough.  Chicago’s Own Sensational R&B Artist Dra’ Day on the GMG Music Entertainment label releases “Less Hurt, More Love” to spread the word that we need more love to combat this ugly violent stigma that has been holding Chicago hostage for far too long.


In the Official Video that was released earlier this month, the visual message the track portrays is much more than just mere pictures, it shows the pain, hurt and unnecessary violence that doesn’t just hurt those who are the victims but the people who love them and on the flip side the positive images show that if WE COME TOGETHER AS ONE these horrible crimes can be stopped.

“Less Hurt, More Love” is sure to be a smash hit, the message is very clear and it is our responsibility to love one another and spread positivity.  Thank you to Dra’ Day, Blok Club DJs Inc and the GMG Music Entertainment family for sharing this information with me.



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Let’s all SPREAD THE WORD!! Share the video and watch God work as we all work together on ONE ACCORD!!

Follow Dra’ Day and support this positive movement








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