Move Over BET; FUBU TV Is Here To Reconnect Positively With Young People

 Fubu 2

Reconnecting the generation that identified the fashion brand of the 90’s when Hip Hop was at its peak and in its purest element.

Introducing a new generation to For Us By Us Television which taps into and connects the streaming watching audiences of today. From lifestyle and culture to technology and fashion.

FubuTv is a (VOD) Video on demand channel  distributed by Xfinity Comcast, Verizion Fios and Dish Network. Fubu provides quality programming globally to over 250 million homes.

FUBU Television is the provider of media and entertainment for multi-cultural consumers globally. Our brands reflect a range of experiences and connect with fans of hip hop, gospel, jazz, comedy, drama, news, lifestyle, sports, with a pro-social agenda.  We stay connected to our diverse audience through our television networks, video on demand, mobile and home entertainment.

FUBU TV  reaches over 250 million homes, provides contemporary entertainment that speaks to the youth and adults from an authentic, unapologetic viewpoint. FUBU Television serves a broad and diverse audience with inspiring content that seek to make a difference in the communities.

For Film/TV Submissions, Please send to: (sharont@fubu-tv.com)


Source:  FUBU-TV

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