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Missouri Woman Convicted Of Poisoning Twin Daughters With Rubbing Alcohol To Keep Them Quiet

Gloria S. Jones

A 23-year-old Missouri mother, who told authorities she was overwhelmed with caring for her twin babies, was convicted of poisoning her daughters by mixing rubbing alcohol into their chocolate milk.

A jury recommended Gloria S. Jones serve five years in prison for the charges of endangering the welfare of a child after authorities said she put the potentially fatal mixture into her children’s sippy cups, the Clay County Prosecutor’s Office said in a release.

The twins were taken to a Kansas City hospital in October 2012 and one was considered near death and had to be put on a ventilator, the office said. The two children, now 3, do not appear to have lasting effects from the alcohol, the office said.

Jones admitted to officers she made the concoction because she felt overwhelmed by caring for them and she thought it would calm them down from their whiny behavior.

According to the police report Jones gave one child more milk than her sister and the children’s father came home and bounced her on his knee after she took a nap. The 1-year-old then threw up on the father – who noticed the vomit smelled like alcohol.

The kids were taken to the hospital.

Jones told police she did not intend to harm the children and this was the first time she had done something like this.

Prosecutor Daniel L. White said in the statement rubbing alcohol can be lethal in doses as low as 8 ounces in adults.

“It doesn’t take much to put a child at risk,” he said.

Jones faced a possible prison sentence of 4 to 14 years based on the charges but a jury reccomended she serve no more than 5 years, the office said. She will be sentenced Aug. 7.

Source: NYDailyNews


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