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Minnesota Teen Molly Kate Kestner Wows Fans With Original Emotional Song, “His Daughter”

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A Minnesota teen is winning fans with an original song.  Molly Kate Kestner, a high school senior, has achieved internet fame nearly overnight after posting a video of herself on Facebook.

Her song is called “his daughter,” it’s about a girl who’s abandoned by an alcoholic father. Kestner’s posts music on her music quite often, but she said she had been saving this one for a while.

“Okay….So this is probably my favorite song I’ve ever written. I wrote it a year ago but I never posted it because I wanted to save it for my senior solo, but now that’s over…so I am FINALLY sharing it with the world,” Kestner wrote. “It’s called ‘His Daughter’ and it is a story. So I hope you are inspired as I was when I wrote this. Happy Easter:)”

Her video was shared more than 200, 000 times on Facebook. The video has more than 600,000 views on YouTube, a third of those were just from midnight.


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