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Philadelphia Teen Gives Up Full Ride Scholarship To Pursue Rap Career

Jay Harris

Today it seems like everyone is trying to be an rap artist. Some people want their lives to portray the images that the media show on television and some get into music for the art form. We was ear hustling and came across this story of a high school senior that gave up his football scholarship to pursue a future in music. The story below was reported about a year ago and after researching, we was not able to find any new material about this young man. We hope that he is laying low and trying to get his education. Parents would you allow your child to make this choice?

A high school senior gives up a free ride to college to pursue a rap career.Jay Harris is one of the top high school football prospects in Pennsylvania.

The Downingtown High School East senior and wide receiver had a scholarship to play college football at Michigan State University next year, and was heavily recruited.

But, in a surprising move, Harris says he decided to give it all up to be a rap star.

Harris says his father supports him, and he says he’s working on getting signed to a record deal and can always go to college later.

“You gotta chase your dreams. You gotta do what you really want. If I go up there to MSU, a Division I program, and I go up there and my whole heart’s not in it, I’ll just be wastin’ their time. This is really what I want to do for my life,” Harris said.

Harris, who goes by the rap name “Jay DatBull,” says his mix tape will be released on June 1. He had questionable behavior some of his rap videos.

A spokesman for Michigan State says the decision to revoke Harris’ scholarship was mutual.


Jay DatBull mixtape released in 2013

[iframe id=”http://www.datpiff.com/embed/mixtape/m3805a91/”]

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