Mimi Faust Claims Sex tape Is Not Hurting Her Daughter

MiMi Faust


Mimi Faust doesn’t want to hear any more of her critics arguing that her decision to sell her leaked sex tape is hurting her daughter.

The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star has come under a lot of fire for deciding to turn her personal scandal into profit. Among the bashing have been prominent accusations that she’s setting a bad example for her daughter with Stevie J.

Mimi doesn’t think putting out a sex tape will be nearly as bad for little Eva as everyone believes it will be. She bristled when one Hot 97 DJ asked Mimi how the tape has impinged on her daughter’s life.

“She’s four. It’s not affecting my daughter,” Mimi said Monday, pointing out that her little girl has bigger problems to face. “You know what, she has to deal with going to school and kids getting stabbed up too, and I have to explain that to her as well.”

Clearly irritated with the insinuation that she’s become a bad mother because of one questionable choice, Mimi concluded, “It’s a whole lot of other things in this world that are worse than mommy making love to her man.”

Had it been up to Mimi she would have made a lot more money from the controversy surrounding her provocative home video than just releasing it trough Vivid. The morning crew at Hot 97 was curious if she had any plans to put out a shower rod, but home improvement brands aren’t interested in attaching her name to any of their products.

“No. We’ve already discussed all that and they’re not trying to touch it because it is associated with a sex tape.” Mimi explained.

It’s possible, however, that Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta may not be the only sex tape of Mimi that will get out. She revealed that she and Nikko have filmed themselves in bed on several occasions. Mimi stated, “We made like maybe four of five of them because we like to watch ourselves back. That’s that we like to do.”

“LHHATL” fans will likely be hearing about Mimi’s sex tape the entire season because it’s a huge part of her storyline. She denied speculation that she decided to sell it in order to save her spot on the cast and generate interest. Mimi just sees all of this more as a happy accident that came from an unfortunate situation.

“This was happening anyway,” said Mimi. “We had to tell VH1 what was going on because it was coming out anyway. I don’t know what you want to call that…luck? Whatever you want to call it.”

Despite all of the trouble surrounding her tape, Mimi said the controversy has “absolutely” been worth it. She reasoned,”I’d rather capitalize off of it than have it run around the Internet and all over the place for free.”


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