Michelle Obama, Malia And Sasha Captured In Selfie At Beyonce And Jay Z Concert In Chicago

sasha and malia

Michelle Obama was powerless to prevent photos of her daughters from going public — she and the girls were captured in selfies at Beyonce and Jay Z‘s concert last night.

The First Lady chaperoned Malia and Sasha to packed Soldier Field in Chicago — and a concertgoer lined up some of the fam in the background of her selfie … and then pushed it out to the world on Instagram.

As we first told you … Michelle called a photo agency earlier this month, and got it to take down shots of Malia walking into a restaurant that’s a known paparazzi spot.

The Chi town selfie reveals a huge flaw in the White House’s desire to keep the girls out of the public spotlight … unless they’re with the President. 

Hard to shut down a stadium full of iPhones.


Source: TMZmalia-obama-concert-twitter-4


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