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Man Videotapes His Ex-Wife Brutally Abusing His Children While Threatening To Kill Them, He Needed Evidence For Court

woman abuse kids

It’s always an unpleasant situation to be in a bad relationship but when that relationship turns to violence against children, the buck stops there.

 Ear Hustle 411 came across this video via Media Take out of a woman abusing her Ex-Husbands Children in such a violent manner that we wondered what took him so long to make her stop.

 The child is heard yelling for his father to intervene all while the father video tapes and there is another adult female in the home telling the father to stop her all while she too could have stopped her.  

the Ex- Wife is heard yelling I hate you, I will kill all of you while punching one child she said to hate the most and wanted him dead all while screaming for her cell phone.

Ear Hustle 411 was given an update that the father had to videotape the abuse to use as proof in court.

Here is what Media Take out reported below:

: MediaTakeOut.com obtained video of an OHIO MAN named Matthew – who had his ex-wife ARRESTED for abusing his children last year. When Matthew ORIGINALLY called police on his ex-wife, telling them she was an ABUSER – authorities did NOT take what he was saying SERIOUSLY.

So Matthew decided to take out his phone, and capture evidence of her ABUSIVE nature. Warning the video is VERY graphic. Mathew and his ex are now trying to work through their issues, and put their family aback together.




Source: Media Takeout



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