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“Man Donates Testicles for a New Car A Nissan 370Z”

Given the opportunity, How many people have thought about donating a body part.   How many would sacrafice a limb or a specific organ for $35 thousand dollars?  Well Mark Perisi is donating one of his testicles for 35K in order to purchase a new Nissan 370 Z.  Some would say that he’s NUTTS for selling his manly part however he may not be using it considering he doesn’t look like he gets around much anyway.

Mark Parisi spoke on the CBS show The Doctors about his plans to donate his left testicle to science. Along with a new artificial testicle, Parisi will receive $35,000 for his contribution to science, which he plans to use to buy a car.

Parisi, who was featured on the TLC show Extreme Cheapskates, often participates in highly invasive and dangerous medical procedures for cash and free medical checkups. As Forbes points out, selling body parts is illegal under The National Organ Transplant Act, which is why Parisi carefully frames the fee as a ‘donation’ for his time.

What car could prompt a man to donate a part of himself? How about a Nissan 370Z?

The 370Z is a serious sports car, with 3.7-liter V6 engine knocking out 350 horsepower. According to AOL Autos New Car tool its listed as retailing for around $36,000, or more than the cost of one human testicle.  At least he’s getting a car that will help him compensate.


Check out the Video below.



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