And On As “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Turns; Stevie J is BROKE, Benzino Admits Punching Joseline

TwitPics_BenzinoAlthea_52914Did Stevie J strike Joseline Hernandez during the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reunion show?

Stevie and his wife are claiming that while she was attacking Benzino’s fiancée, and while bodyguards were retraining Stevie, Benzino physically defended Althea Heart by punching the Puerto Rican Princess in the face.

“The security grabbed me. They didn’t grab him and he sucker punched Joseline,” Stevie said in a preview for Part 3 of the reunion show.

Benzino didn’t exactly deny that he hit her, but offered a “no comment” when asked about it. Earlier in the week, he tweeted that he was doing what was necessary to defend his woman.

“A man’s job is to provide and protect…… If your man is not living by these 2 principles……he’s not a man,” wrote Benzino.

Not long after the fight, Stevie went on record with his side of the story and swore off being friends with Benzino.

“Once he tried to put his hands on my chick, I can’t be his friend,” Stevie told Hot 97 in July. “I’m don’t want to be associated with somebody who wants to hit girls.”

Supposedly tired of being criticized for accusing Stevie and Joseline of using cocaine and then violently defending Althea against Joseline, Benzino put his former friends on blast, explaining that he was a good friend to them.

Benzino wrote: “1 month before the REUNION, your favorite couples lights and gas got turned off at ‘their MANSION’both of them came to my house and had to stay the night.”

According to Benzino, Joseline was cordial and even tried to cook for her hosts whose utilities were only turned on as a result of Benzino’s generosity.

“I PAID FOR THE LIGHTS AND GAS TO COME BACK ON,” he wrote in an Instagram message that has since been deleted. “If they try and deny this I GOT THE RECEIPTS TO PROVE!!!”

As for Joseline who was the physical aggressor during the altercation, going from co-star to co-star snatching hair, she blames Benzino for the melee.

“If Benzino wouldn’t have been talking sht to Stevie, then Stevie never would have got up and went up to Benzino. I never would have got up,” she said. “He punched me like the btch that he is.”

Source: Sister2Sister Magazine


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