Love & Hip Hop New York Star Mendeecee To Receive 15 Years For Drug Trafficking???

Mendeecees Harris-Prison-2013   If you are a fan of the hit show Love And Hip Hop New York then you know about Mendeecee. If you don’t know who he is, here is a little back ground. On the last season of Love & Hip Hop New York Mendeecee got engage to co star Yandy Smith and they have a child together.  He was arrested during the taping and found out later that he is being charged with drug trafficking. According to TattleTailzz,

He was basically charged with a drug trafficking conspiracy. His brother (has been in jail since last year) they say that they trafficked about 2.5 million dollars in heroin & cocaine from 2002-2012. 2.5 Million in TEN YEARS!!!! That amount is only what the Feds knew about. (NEW YORK TWITTER) chatter is that Mendeecees has been sentenced to 15 years. Maybe they haven’t released the news of his sentencing just yet but if he is in transit to another prison, then you know it’s probably true..

Earhustle411 will keep you updated as this story develops

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