LaTavia Roberson writing tell-all book about Destiny Child


Per Sister 2 Sister, Original member of Destiny’s Child LaTavia Roberson has been working on her autobiography for years, and she’s hoping it’ll be available to her fans soon.

“My book is basically my love letter to everybody who has wondered where I’ve been and what I’ve been going through,” said LaTavia who hopes the prose will also put some rumors to rest.


LaTavia Roberson

“I’ve heard things about me and I’ve heard rumors about myself. I do not mind being someone who will open up my life to any fans that I have about where I’ve really been. I’d rather they get it from the horse’s mouth,” the new mom said.

The million-dollar question is whether LaTavia’s book will be a tell-all about any drama surrounding Destiny’s Child. “I’ll definitely talk about my experiences in Destiny’s Child and everything that happened in my life thereafter. I’ve been through some serious things,” she said. “It’s a testimony.”


Ear Hustle 411 will keep you posted.  I bet this will be juicy.

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