Tevin Campbell Says Stop The BS Lies, He Was Never Raped By Quincy Jones

News broke that Quincy Jones outed several people in an interview with Vulture where he alleged that actor, Film Director and Activist Marlon Brando had sexual relations with comedian Richard Pryor and singer Marvin Gaye which sent shock-waves through social media.

Many snapped back accusing Jones of molesting 90’s teen sensation, Tevin Campbell as well as attempting to lure Rapper Tupac into sexual relations.

As the rumor took wings of it own and spread across the internet, many wondered why Quincy managed to divulge everyone else’s personal information while staying silent on allegations he once raped singer Tevin Campbell.

Tevin Campbell comes out saying, ” Now I’m trending, folks will really say some disgusting things.  “Tevin was molested by Quincy,”  GTFOH wit the devil”.  Tevin flat out denied it.

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