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Chicago’s Own “Lady E” Talks Crime Wave In Chicago

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With the now noticeable slew of crime surrounding the city of Chicago, fingers have been pointed in many directions; from improper leadership to rap lyrics. I was able to gather some input on the subject from not only emcee but radio show host Lady E on her views of a city with such an abundance of talent.

Lady E expressed the fact that a need exists for more leaders to promote success and for popular artists to actually show the city that they care; actions tend to speak louder than words. Immediately my next question was if a conscious rapper such as Lupe Fiasco or anyone of his stature was looked upon as a role model within the city; his messages tend to equate positivity. Lady E feels as though with the simple and/ or repetitive nature of the current day rap scene, Lupe would pose as too much of a complexity.

As a direct result the industry may be to blame to a certain degree, as the acceptance for “dumbed” down lyrics has vastly grown. Money, power and respect seemed to be glorified with downfalls often not mentioned; the mind state of being invincible in some shape, form or fashion tends to be a contributing factor to the crime.

Music has become a huge influence over the youth of the city, as they pay close attention from what is being said to how it’s being said; with the importance of whose saying it only due to their fashion statements.

Lady E expresses that “gangster” rap may not be the leading cause but it is definitely a factor; as rappers approaching success talking about more wrong then right. The emcee remembers learning when she would listen to hear favorite rappers and growing up in a drug infested community not even knowing it.

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Using her mother as an example she explains how she was sheltered from certain influences; suggesting that parenting should have more of a hold upon the youth. Pride may be an issue as well, looking past the competition and coming together should be priority.

The rap youth within Chicago have reached success levels where better business skills should exercised, resulting in more of a unified come up; setting examples along the way. The center of attack at times seems to be Chief Keef as his explicit rap lyrics may be viewed as contribution to the crime wave. Lady E feels as though the young emcee raps about what he knows and that he is no different from the gangster rappers of the 90’s; the controversy stems from the fact that majority of his fan base is just as young as he is.

Even President Obama’s contribution to his hometown have been questioned but Lady E feels as though a black man as president should be inspiration enough for change.

The fact of the matter is that crime has been in Chicago since the beginning of time but there is more of a light shed upon the city now because there are more children involved; picking up guns has become that of the norm anything else would be considered uncivilized. With that being said Lady E has plans to begin a rebuild, starting within her community; with aspects leaning towards talking with all cities within Illinois about making better choices.

“If only our youth were busy with gaining and improving skills they would gain a sense of success, never losing hope”, Lady E…

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