Justin Timberlake Says “I Was Misunderstood” With His Tweets About Jesse Williams’ BET Speech

Actor Jesse Williams’ speech at the 2016 BET Awards struck a nerve with the world and unfortunately some didn’t agree with his sentiments on how the black community is treated.  Justin Timberlake took to Twitter with feelings about Jesse’s acceptance speech.  Ironically after he made his post it seems that people were not in agreement with Timberlake’s sentiment causing him to post an apology claiming he was misunderstood.   EarHustle411 doesn’t see the big deal, if Justin agrees with what Jesse said, he is entitled to that and for people to bash him about it and practically “force” him to change his opinion is just wrong.


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The problem we see with this scenario is Justin Timberlake succumbed to the pressure of those who were in disappointed with his tweets and basically crumbled.  While it is understandable Timberlake’s status as a celebrity is influential but what is he afraid of…losing fans because he agrees that blacks have been treated unfairly.  What’s to be misunderstood about that?  Take a look at his tweets:

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Justin Timberlake was right we are all part of one race and that’s the HUMAN RACE!! He should have stood strong with his posts and not been so quick to apologize for how he feels but it is what it is!!

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