“Juicy J Awards Biology Major Zaire Holmes $50K Scholarship for Twerking Contest Although she Never Twerked”

Juicy J made headlines when he announced a Contest where he would award $50K for the best twerker.  The rules were simple yet the backlash he received from the public as well as some of his fans didn’t go off  too well.  Many protested his album, referred to him as a slimy old pervert amongst other unflattering names.

Young women from all over the country submitted videos of themselves twerking on trees, cars, pools, the ground as well as on top of tables.

The videos were degrading to say the least.  This is why the outrage was so large because the general public felt he was making young girls demoralize themselves for $50K.


Zaiare Holmes a single mom who happens to be a biology major read the rules to its entirety and realized you didn’t actually have to twerk to win the contest.  She sent in everything that was required accept a twerking video.

She went on to say, ” If you carefully read the rules, you would have seen that you didn’t have to twerk to win the contest.

Juicy J said, “You don’t have to be able to twerk to win this $50,000 dollar scholarship.”Just submit a video telling me “Why do you deserve this $50,000 dollar scholarship?” It’s not all about dancing and twerking. It’s about your personality.  You can just send me a video of showing me how smart you are or what your goals are in life are for me to give you this money; It’s for people who use their brains, too.”

Congratulations to Zaire Holmes for using your brains.  You make

Ear Hustle 411 very proud!!!!

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