Milwaukee High School Student Caught On Video Beating Up His Teacher During Class


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According to ABC News, A high school student in Milwaukee was arrested after beating up his teacher during class.

A cell phone captured the exact moments a 16-year-old student swung at his teacher at South Division High School on Tuesday.

In it you see the student first push the teacher. As the teacher walks away, the student punches him in the face. As the teacher is on the ground, the teen continues to punch him. Students in the background are heard laughing, as the teen stands over the teacher and says something. A student from South Division says the teacher is well known among the kids.

“He is kind of like helper. He mostly just like if a kid has a question he will help them out. If they are struggling or something,” student Gustavo Miramontes told WTMJ.

Police said the student was arrested at school.

Milwaukee Public Schools said they cannot comment further on what happened because it is a police matter. But parents say this should not have happened on school grounds especially to a teacher.

“Somebody didn’t teach your child enough respect to say don’t swing at a teacher. You don’t swing at an adult. You don’t disrespect adults,” said Jerry Gerth, a parent.

Police said the case against the teen should be handed over to prosecutors as soon as possible. He could be charged with battery to a school district official.

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