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Judge Spared Attorney Warren Ballentine From Jail And Personally Urges Him To Appeal His Felony Convictions [Audio]

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Warren Ballentine was spared from spending his next journey of his life in prison but was also given some good advice from Judge Matthew Kennelly who gave him a new lease on his life.

The former radio personality admits he was guilty of being oblivious to what was going and it seems as if the judge agrees with him.  Judge Kennelly only sentenced Warren Ballentine to 3 years of probation, 300 hours of community service and he also has to pay more than $140,000 in restitution but the judge also gave Mr. Ballentine some really good advice.  Judge Kennelly urged him to appeal the convictions that were handed down.  If Judge Kennelly truly felt and knew without a shadow of doubt Ballentine could have been jail for 30 years or more but was adamant about not putting an innocent man behind bars. Take a listen to Warren Ballentine in an interview he had with 1380 WAOK:

Ballentine is determined to clear his name altogether.  He is going to appeal the 3 convictions and he said he believes that this whole mess was brought about because he refused to provide information about black leadership.  Ballentine knows that the fight isn’t over because although he isn’t going to spend any time in jail, he still has to work diligently to clear his name.

Source: Chicago Suntimes (soundbite)

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