Johnny Gill Spills The Beans About A New Edition Movie In The Works

johnny gill

Johnny Gill made his “Breakfast Club” debut on  Thursday to promote his brand new album, Game Changer, which is in stores now.

J.G. gave a great interview as he discussed joining New Edition and going through the process of gelling with the guys. A little fun fact Johnny shared was he originally joined the group to replace Ralph Tresvant…not Bobby Brown.

The great news is Johnny Gill confirmed a New Edition movie is in the works saying, “The deal is almost done. We are very close.”

Before you clutch your pearls and start praying…it won’t be a Lifetime film. The New Edition movie will be on the big screen in theaters.

While the idea of seeing the New Edition story on the big screen gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling…Johnny said it’s not going to be an easy task.

It’s tough because it’s so many moving pieces. It’s important because you only get on shot and one shot only. So, being able to tell that story with all of the moving pieces that we have in this group it’s going to take somebody that’s really…really got to hone in and know how to unfold the story. Cause it’s a lot of history.

Watch below as Johnny Gill gives the scoop.

Johnny Gill is a great guy and I have my fingers crossed for this movie.

His new release, Game Changer, is great R&B album. If you haven’t scooped it…handle your business below.


Are you here for a New Edition movie?



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