Is Will And Jada Smith’s Production Company “Overbrook” Just As White As The Oscars They Boycotted?

The 2016 Academy Awards has been the object of conversation since the list of nominees was released and the fact that there were no African-American nominees in the top categories not to mention some of 2015’s biggest black films didn’t make the Oscar cut.   Now because of this, actress Jada Pinkett Smith wife of Will Smith went to social media with her discontent for the Oscars’ blatant disregard for including African-Americans for awards and of course the #OscarsSoWhite became an even bigger deal than ever before, once she announced her choice to boycott the Academy Awards.


EarHustle411 came across a video on YouTube, that is raising eyebrows at Will and Jada and their production company Overbrook Entertainment.  The question that comes to mind is if one is going to boycott on the premise of equality, then one’s business dealings may want to reflect the very thing being boycotted against.  Take a look at the video that’s bringing into question The Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment production company’s activities and track record as it relates to the writers of the company’s biggest movies.  Share your thoughts about the video:

Source: YouTube

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