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New Comedian Tiffany Haddish Just Signed A Major Deal With Netflix After Veteran Mo’nique Just Asked For A Boycott

As you know, Mo’Nique has been waging war against Netflix, asking everyone-willing to boycott the service after they allegedly disrespected her credibility with a feeble stand-up offer of $500,000. Note: Mo’Nique did keep and show the receipts. However, in her plea, it would seem that everyone wasn’t exactly on-board with the plan. From fans to celebrities, several people have been dragging and ousting Mo’Nique for requesting such a boycott.

Amid all the hype regarding Netflix, Tiffany was brought into the conversation via one of her fans — Twitter user @AphroditeYoung. Via tweet, the fan expressed the possibility of Haddish signing a deal with Netflix. According to the tweet, Mo’Nique would be responsible for Tiffany Haddish’s future deal, if it came to pass.

The tweet reads as follows. “If @TiffanyHaddish gets a multimillion @netflix deal at the level of @amyschumer it’s because @moworldwide stood up‍♀#facts #TheBreakfastClub.” According to Page Six, during Mo’Nique’s interview with Sway, she name-dropped Haddish during that particular conversation. Ideally, Mo said that — if she, as the “most decorated comedian,” accepted such a lowball offer — what would that mean for Tiffany down the road?

But what the fan and Mo didn’t know is that Tiffany — prior to Mo’Nique’s run-in with Netflix — had already been to the negotiating table with the media company. She has simply been quiet about it all this time. Sometimes, you have to know when to move in silence and not tell every little detail of your life, right? Maybe that was Haddish’s Netflix playbook of sorts. It’s a hot topic right now; probably wasn’t exactly the time to indirectly brandish it in Mo’Nique’s face.

However, given this situation, Tiffany felt the urge to let this person know that no one other than “Tiffany Haddish” is responsible for her success. Via Twitter, she responds as follows. “I already got a deal and I signed it way before she said a thing and its not legend money but its enough to take care of my family for min. #Facts.” Note: Rumor has it that, according to an alleged Media Takeout exclusive, Tiffany Haddish’s Netflix contract is for $800,000.

If that’s the case, as she said, it’s not “legend” money; but her family will definitely be straight for a while. ‘HEY, MY LOVES’… As you would guess, instigators were trying to get some stuff started and were tagging Haddish’s fellow comedian to the tweet. Then finally, Mo appeared. Like Batman to the “bat” signal, Mo’Nique responded swiftly after reading Tiffany’s tweet. However, it wasn’t the response people — at least the haters and instigators — expected from her.

Although the legendary comedian is heated at Netflix, as she’s always stated, she’s not hating on anyone else’s success. She mentioned as follows. “You’ve done nothing wrong my sister. You KEEP SHINING! I am proud of you. You keep doing what your doing.

You are making it better for the next ones. Luv u 2 life.” As she has noted from the jump, her issue isn’t with other celebrities; it’s with Netflix, itself. While people were waiting for Mo to go in on Tiffany Haddish the way she did The Breakfast Club‘s Charlamagne, y’all can’t say Mo’Nique isn’t a real one for this. SPEAKING OF CHARLAMAGNE… Dude has had no chill since Mo came on the show days ago. Ideally, nothing has changed regarding the way Charlamagne does business.

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