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Irv Gotti’s Production Of “TALES” Flips The Script On Police Brutality And Race Relations

Music producer Irv “Gotti” Lorenzo is taking the issues of police brutality and how the community reacts to the ongoing issues and problems that has plagued the black community for far too long.  The script in this TV drama has most certainly been flipped from being a black problem to white problem.   The first episode of TALES: F*ck The Police combats a killing of a white boy by 2 black police officers unfolds a mountain of twists and turns, right down to the court case against the black officers that ended unfortunately how many of the cases against white officer with “not guilty” verdicts.

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Clearly what Irv Gotti is doing with the drama is showing how it really feels to be cast aside as anything other than human while shining a light on police relations or a severe lack thereof.  Conflict resolution between the community and law enforcement as it stands in the “real” world is lost concept because of  as the saying goes “perception is reality”.  It’s that realistic perception that is seen everyday on the news and in the neighborhoods.

One thing EarHustle411 found to be interesting was the notion that the whites could not go from place to place without a “zone pass”,  one of the main characters was riding on public transportation when two black police officers began to harass him.  They asked for his “pass” and then destroyed the pass.  Can anyone imagine what the community would be like if there was a “pass” required to go from one side of town to the other?  Think about major cities like Chicago, New York and even Detroit.  It just seems far-fetched however the profiling displayed by the police officers against the white characters was no different than what blacks face on a regular basis.

While marching and protesting and sometimes rioting will get the attention of those who are the oppressors but eventually a civil conversation with realistic and attainable change has to happen otherwise anything done is in vain.

“TALES”  hopefully will be a true conversation piece and ultimately bring all parties to the table for some much needed resolution to a never-ending problem.

Catch the next episode of TALES on July 11, 2017 on BET.  Check your local listings for channel placement.

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