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“International News- Graphic Video Shows Saudi Muslims Beating Ethiopian Maid to a Pulp for Entertainment Purpose”


Warning, The video you are about to see is very graphic in nature and may be very disturbing to all but this is what is going on around the world!!!!

Check out the video below of a Saudi family beating their Black Ethiopian female slave, whom they’ve put in some sort of strait jacket and hung upside down from a hook while they beat her to a pulp. If you notice a lot of the color red, that’s because she’s drenched in blood from the ripped flesh and other injuries sustained under constant beating from their whips. You have to wonder why Blacks in the West keep converting to this horrible, cultish excuse for a religion when they are treated to example after example of this kind of stuff. Oh, and per usual, they taped the brutal beating so they could watch it later for  entertainment and relive their joy over torturing a Black person.


Source: Debbie Schlussel



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