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Inspiration Station: Motivational Speaker Allen J. Bryson Flips The Script On The Support Black Businesses Challenge [Video]

In this life we all would like to be treated equal and fair, this would also include when it comes to sending our money.  We came across a video on Facebook of an EarHustle411 fan, who just happens to be a motivational speaker, writer and poet named Allen J. Bryson.  In this episode of “Inspiration Station” Allen talks about him being challenged to support black businesses.

allen j bryson

photo credit: Allen J Bryson

As a consumer the level of expectation to be serviced as a customer across the board is relatively the same.  Treat a customer like you really want them to spend their hard-earned money with you.  Take a look at how Allen takes the challenge and flips the script:


Stay tuned for more motivation and episodes of Inspiration Station.

If you’d like to hear more of Allen J. Bryson’s motivational moments go to www.AllenJBryson.com

Source: Allen J Bryson Facebook Page

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