Not Impressed!!!! Review Of Aaliyah Lifetime Biopic- The Princess of R & B

Not Impressed!!!! Review Of Aaliyah Lifetime Biopic- The Princess of R & B

On November 15, 2014, Lifetime Aired the Biopic of “Aaliyah The Princess of

R & B which was highly anticipated.   After watching this dreadful depiction of our princess,  we have come to the realization based on our own personal observation, that Wendy Williams have clearly lost her mind by pursuing this project.

First and foremost, there was no original music, footage or image of Aaliyah. The cast selection was less than stellar and very lack luster, Amateur to say the least.

The casting director must have been a novice because no trained professional would have selected that cast for the biopic. Epic- Failure. Missy Elliott’s character had no likeness whatsoever and the gentleman that played Timberland had no resemblance at all.

The music played throughout the movie was whacked, there was no connection with the music and  Aaliyah.  A lot of the story line was fixated around R.Kelly and his relationship with Aaliyah which was a horrible depiction.

 They did not impress upon her true talent, vocals, acting  and her ability to connect with her fans which was one of her strong points. The story-line was completely  all over the place.



In conclusion, Wendy Williams did a disservice to the beloved icon by distorting facts based on opinions as well as disrespecting the family’s wishes.

Ear Hustle 411 would like to know how you felt about this movie.

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