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Identifying The Right and Wrong Way

So the verdict has come in and Darren Wilson has been found not guilty. Was the evidence presented not enough of has things simply been overlooked. From the very beginning the community of Ferguson and all others who support Ferguson have been in an uproar; this uproar coming from a vast majority of the nation. The rioting began almost instantly after the community got wind of Michael Brown being shot for no solidifying reason and up until current day nothing has changed. A question that has been puzzling is why the rioting. Is this how the black communities are supposed to handle their anger; any community and/ or race for that matter?

From my perspective and looking at the grand scheme of things the rioting and burning down of a community adds to the problem; what positive is resulting from this destruction? I am not in favor of any side but what exactly is being accomplished as an entire community is being destroyed daily. What baffles me even more is that the community and surrounding areas that are within such turmoil is being destroyed by its own residents. Why would you destroy your own community, who is even entitled to rebuild that community after everything is said and done? These are questions that have not been thought out properly. Have the rioters even thought about that or are they simply to anger to even care. For years African Americans and/ or Blacks have had this negative notion lingering around them; suggesting that nothing within this race can be solved in a positive manner.

For those years on end it seems as though that particular notion has been true, as “black on black’ crime continues to soar. Now Ferguson has literally added fuel to that fire, how is your family supposed to eat, how you shop for clothing and such and furthermore how are you supposed to sleep securely at night when you are the cause of destruction for your own community? As confusion has become what I think is the leading variable in these self destructing times the step father of  Michael Brown has taken it upon himself to lead the pack of rioters. Does this really help in any way? Everything that you have been fighting for can be thrown down the drain because of a simple statement “Lets burn this motherfucker down”. More of my thoughts to come on this trying time soon…

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