HOAX ALERT: Reports Of Kendrick Lamar Purchasing The Gun That Killed Trayvon Martin Are False

Reports about George Zimmerman putting the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin with up for sale need to die a very quick death.  Subsequently two auction houses have declined to host the sale of the gun citing it’s not in the business interest but then reports that music artist Kendrick Lamar had purchased the gun.  According to the urban legend website Snopes.com and several published reports, this could not be further from the truth.  These reports although are completely false and the story first broke on FreddieMag.com.  We are well aware that people often “collect” things that are a part of history, however this piece is just to eerie and heartless to collect even is it was given away for free.


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Complex.com published a story about the situation and said the following:

Anyone who was following the real story surrounding Zimmerman’s sale would easily be able to tell the story about Kendrick was fake. The gun was pulled from two different auction sites last week after internet outrage coalesced into an army of trolls driving up the bidding price to $66 million. According to a report from The Orlando Sentinel, Zimmerman’s gun was relisted on UnitedGunGroup.com this morning following the two previously botched sales attempts. Obviously, with the gun still in Zimmerman’s possession and the auction failure being widely reported, Kendrick wouldn’t have somehow been able to secretly purchased the gun in the interim. Nor, one would presume, would he want to give money to Trayvon’s killer, even if it meant scoring a symbolic victory against racism. ~ Source: Complex.com

EarHustle411 would have to agree that Kendrick Lamar has some dignity and respect for people and there’s no way he’d freely give money to the killer of Trayvon Martin. You’ve been hoodwinked people!!

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