Young Boy Is Called A N***er And Has A Gun Pulled On Him At The Playground…Ridiculous!!

What in the world is wrong with people. It’s a shame the children are not even safe from people and their racist antics at the playground.  In the following video a young black boy was asked “if he knew how fast a “ni***rs around” , let’s find out!! and then the unidentified man pulls a gun on him and the young boy took off running. Who knows what kind of mental impact this child will have after this nutcase’s racist stunt.  Thankfully he didn’t pull the trigger on the young man.

Bold racist behavior has gone rampant and those who exhibit that type of behavior don’t give a damn who they hurt all they want to do is instill fear into people.  Unfortunately the open racist antics we are seeing across the world doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon and we hopefully if the authorities find this playground creep…it wont be too soon.

Source: World Star Hip Hop

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