Has Kanye’s Big Mouth Caused him to Lose Fans? Only 4500 People Showed up To his Concert in an Arena That Holds 19,000

Kanye has been  causing quite a stir lately by running his unwired big mouth a bit too much. He has gone so far as to disrespect former President George Bush which somehow he got a pass on to disrespecting President Obama, Michelle Obama, Louis Vuitton, Nike and don’t forget the confederate flag fiasco to name a few. 
These are all giants compared to the average folk.  Many blame his erratic behavior on the loss of his mother, however others suggest that he is just arrogant, ignorant mean and just plain old disrespectful.  Regardless of how most feel, Kanye seems to think he’s a genius and untouchable.
Someone please tell Mr. West that fame can only take you so far.  You have to humble yourself regardless of how big you think you are, you have to respect those that came before you. Rule of thumb; never bite the hand that feeds you; Lately he’s been biting hands down to the wrist.
There was once a time where Kanye would have sold out shows,  had screaming fans, endorsement deals and every new artist trying to drop an album with him.  You can’t defecate on your fans, future sponsors or corporations with billions to invest or your President and his Wife and think you will stay on top for very long.
Kris Jenner seems to think her daughter Kim Kardashian is losing  corporate value and credibility since Kanye’s new negative self inflicted smear campaign against himself has taken effect.  Some may say what credibility while others may downright agree.
Recently, The Daily Mail  reported that fewer than 4,500 people showed up for a Yeezy concert at the Kansas City Sprint Center on Tuesday. The arena can hold 19,000 people. According to the Kansas City Star.  At one point, Kanye would have sold out that any arena in 10 minutes flat.  If Kanye didn’t learn anything from this poor attendance he never will.
Word of advice to Kanye, zip your lips, Calm down and If you have something to say, put it in a book.  You have to be accountable for everything you do or say in this world.  Keep in mind the same people who took you to the top, will be the same one’s that will bring you down to reality and watch you suffer.  The few fans you have left you should really try to keep them happy.  Last but not least; you need a new PR Team!!!!!!
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Ear Hustle 411 still supports you Kanye, Just work on your personality and quit
pissing people off.
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