Happy Anniversary: “Lyte As A Rock” Turns 27 – Classic Hip Hop Still Rules!!!

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EarHustle411 can recall back in 1988 when life as we knew back then became different for females in the music game.   On September 13, 1988, those of us who were “hip hop junkies” had a reason to be excited.  A young lady who in her own right bust through the ranks of the male dominated “rap” game, released an album that would change life her her as she knew it.  Not only that but secured her a place in hip hop history.

Lana “MC Lyte” Moorer with her unique style of lyrical delivery, backed up by her DJ Extraordinaire “DJ K-Rock” changed the game of hip hop before it knew it was being changed!!

Lyte As A Rock, the album, the lyrics, the music, the movement was and still is the album that many of these so-called MCs are still striving to be like and even 27 years later tracks like the title track, 10% Dis, I Cram To Understand and Paper Thin are timeless tracks that still remain relevant to the culture of the hip hop genre thus solidifying their place in history.

EarHustle411 and the writing staff  congratulates and wishes a Happy 27th Anniversary on the release of “Lyte As A Rock”  to MC Lyte.  We salute you for releasing such a historical project.


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