Cafe In Brooklyn Was Allegedly Busted Turning Away Black Kids On Halloween Yet Giving Candy To White Kids

Cafe In Brooklyn Was Busted Turning Away Black Kids On Halloween Yet Giving White Kids Candy

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The Strand Café in Brooklyn has been accused of handing out Halloween candy to white kids while turning away black children.

Oma Holloway, who is on the advisory Community Board 3, has said she and fellow board member Michael Catlyn watched one of the café employees tell three separate groups of black children who were dressed for Halloween that they weren’t participating in handing out candy.

When a white mother and her kids came in, however, they were given candy. Holloway and Catlyn called out the barista immediately.

“You got to be kidding me,” Holloway recalls saying to him. “Little black kids walk in and you don’t have candy for them, but you have candy for the white kids. This is unacceptable, here or anywhere.”

Holloway went on to say, “I’m on the community board and I understand he doesn’t have to participate [in Halloween festivities], but to do something so blatantly discriminatory, this is not acceptable and as a patron, I’m not accepting it.”

The neighborhood in Bed-Stuy has been described as a “historically black neighborhood that is becoming increasingly gentrified.”

The owner of the café has attempted to explain what went down on Halloween on Facebook, calling it a “misunderstanding.”

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