Happy 33rd Birthday To Zane “Lil Zane” Copeland

EarHustle411 loves to celebrate birthdays and we have always wondered what happened to the person we are celebrating with today.  Zane Copeland aka Lil Zane born on today June 11, 1982 in Yonkers, NY but reared in Atlanta, GA.  Lil Zane accepted the calling to become an entertainer at the age of 10 with inspiration by Another Bad Creation and Kriss Kross.  Starting his career with a group signed to the RCA Label named Kronic.  His involvement with Kronic is where Lil Zane gained a fan base, unfortunately, the group never released any recordings.

Lil Zane embarked on a solo career and toured the Atlanta area, participating in talent shows ans such and this he got the opportunity of a lifetime to go on tour with the R&B group 112.  He just happen to be recording his debut album at the time and the rest is history as they say.



We hope to see you back in action real soon!!

lil zane

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