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Grad Student Who Was Hired From Handing Out His Credentials In Public Is Now In A Position To “Pay It Forward”

A graduate who impressed bosses by standing in a railway station handing out his CV has returned to the same spot to recruit workers to his new company.

Determined Alfred Ajani was so sick of filling in job application forms and getting no reply, he took to the concourse of Waterloo station in London to come face-to-face with city high-flyers.

After he was snapped up by a recruitment firm, he’s now returned to the same place where he once stood to advertise positions on his team.

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Alfred, 22, received widespread praise on social media last August when a commuter spotted him holding a sign which said: ‘Marketing Graduate (BA Hons 2:1 Coventry Uni) – Ask for a CV.’

The south Londoner’s unique method of finding work paid off and he received a number of offers of jobs in business, marketing and recruitment.

Two weeks after his job-seeking stunt, he took a role with recruitment consultancy The Asoria Group, which are based just one hundred yards from the station.

Alfred is now part of a team looking to expand the company’s workforce and went back to Waterloo yesterday as part of his search for new employees.

He posted a picture of himself five months ago next to a new photo of him holding a new sign stating: ‘Now I’m Hiring’.

The picture, which has since been retweeted more than 2,000 times, was accompanied by the caption: ‘Same spot, different sign’.

Alfred told MailOnline: ‘It felt great to be back at the same place and be looking for people who, like me a few months ago, are looking for a good job.

‘I’ve loved my role since taking it and there hasn’t been one minute where I’ve regretted my decision.

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Alfred had applied for 300 positions before he headed to Waterloo station on an early morning last August. After the stunt was praised on social media, colleagues at his new firm made T-shirts in his honour

He added: ‘I didn’t want to be back looking for a job again, or standing in the station for a second time, so I’m really pleased with how it has gone.

‘The company is expanding and we’re looking to take people on to the desk where I’m working so we are now searching for graduates, people in the same position I was last year. We’ve got around 20 vacancies.

‘It feels good to be putting something back and I’m hoping to take the brand to universities over the next year.

‘The latest picture has had a good response and I’ve already been sent some CVs through social media.’

Alfred started work at the Asoria Group in September after a boss at the company saw his Waterloo stunt.

In recognition of his social media fame, colleagues at the firm wore T-shirts with his picture on them to welcome him on his first day. He has since been made the subject of a short film by youth channel Million Youth Media.

It emerged last month that prospects for graduates are improving in the UK, with an eight per cent rise in the number of graduate vacancies at Britain’s biggest firms.

Latest statistics show unemployment among 16 to 24-year-olds has dropped from 22 per cent in 2011 to around 16 per cent.


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Source: Daily Mail
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