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If You Were Homeless….Would You Pass You By On The Street?

You know what boggles my mind is how mean people can be when it comes to homeless people.  I know that there are people on the street that are just downright greedy and lazy.  Those are the ones who stand out in the streets all day and collect money from passersby but at the end of the day they may get into a nice car, or walk to a cozy place to sleep or both.  I have no respect for people that deceive the public like that, which is part of the reason people are hesitant to help.

Being homeless; I’m sure is not a decision someone wakes up and desires to be. Several factors could be behind a person or family for living on the street.  Loss of income is at the top of the list of factors.  I can recall when I worked in a particular area in of my hometown, there was a family living under a viaduct.    Now if you are from my hometown, one would say what’s so special about that.  What was interesting about this family is it was a mother and her children.  I wish I could remember her name but I’ll call her “Cynthia”.  Long story short I nearly lost my job helping them out because my office had a full bathroom, I would allow them to get cleaned up and everything so her children did not have to go school dirty and when I could I would give them food or a few dollars.

homeless mother

Cynthia lost her job due to cutbacks and subsequently her world as she knew came crashing down.  No job meant no money and no money meant no way to maintain a home and all that it entails.    From what I remember she was very smart as were her kids too, she ended up getting hired at a job and the last time I saw her she came up to my office to thank me.  Although this was years ago, it was the best feeling in the world to know that I left that much of an impression on someone who had experienced such negativity from people that passed her by like she was nothing.

The video below is an experiment that a group of young men did to see how they would be treated when they pretended to be homeless and I must say that it sickens me to see that some people were not just uncaring but they were quite rude and some were disrespectful.  Well I don’t want to give away the video, check it out for yourself:

This video is not the first nor will it be the last showing how the homeless are treated. No matter of how many of people that are living on the streets they still deserve to be treated as humans.

Keep in mind that we all are just 1 paycheck from being homeless and even so wouldn’t you want someone to treat you like you’re human and not like a burden.

So the question still remains readers, Would you be mean to yourself or would you have a heart and help yourself?  Put yourself in the place of a person that is homeless and share your thoughts.

Source: OCK TV – You Tube

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