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Food For Thought: The Rule Of Law



  I had the pleasure of reading the Presidents statement that said,” the killing of Police officers was an attack against the rule of law and civilization”.  The rule of law in the United States applies to every citizen of this country and this was made plain to the people when Richard Nixon was forced to resign(Impeached) during the Watergate scandal in the 70’s. In fact, one of the articles of impeachment was the abuse of power. Let’s take a look at a few amendments to the Constitution; Amendment 1 the right to assemble peacefully, this right is being taken from American citizens in a subliminal manner when you are arrested for protesting injustice. Amendment 2 The right to keep and bear arms, the brother in Minnesota had a license showing that he was legally bearing arms and was still murdered by the police. Amendment 6 this amendment gives every U.S citizen the right to a speedy trial, a no partial jury and the right to an attorney. 


This is the question of the day, if a U.S citizen kills another  U.S citizen does he still have Constitutional rights? The President is correct when he uses the phrase,” rule of law,” but he is incorrect in his inference that it somehow does not apply to the Police departments of the United States. When a U.S citizen murders another unarmed U.S citizen it is murder in the first degree and it does not matter what your job title is or what type of clothing you wear….it is murder.

The murderer has a right to an attorney, he has the right to a jury trial and he has a right to be judged by someone trained to judge murder cases. The murderers of Police Officers are denied their 6th amendment Constitutional right, they are killed at the scene, on the other hand, if a Police Officer kills an unarmed U.S citizen his Constitutional rights are observed, he is either suspended, with pay, pending an investigation or fired, but he is never denied his 6th amendment rights.

Now this is a sensitive subject but as a nation, we have to talk about it because the fake News outlets act as if this is not a reality. While taking a break from a hot sweaty day I began to ask myself these questions; when did attorneys stop representing murderers of U.S citizens, when did the Jury system in the United States give its deliberation rights to the Police?

When did the Judges relinquish the bench to the Police and who gave the Police the power to take the life of a U.S citizen without a trial? The Police are supposed to bring in law breakers no matter what law they have broken so that they can be tried in a” civilized manner” but that is not what is happening in these confrontations between the Police.

This is America, this is not some backward 3rd world nation, you expect gruesome murders in developing nations but not in America.  America is supposed to be the light of the world.  We invade nations that kill their citizens, we remove dictators and despots in the name of civilization and humanity but yet……..we allow inhumane actions toward our own.

America is responsible for two of the greatest documents on freedom that the world has ever seen; The U.S Constitution with its amendments and the Declaration of Independence.   Do I advocate the murdering of  white or black Policeman…….NEVER!….do I advocate the murdering of unarmed black or white Americans……...NEVER!  

The Rule of Law must be applied evenly to all tongues and people who live in the United States. This is what is meant by the phrase,” A just weight and a just balance.”  If you are a parent and you have two or more children you understand the concept of handing out punishment evenly. If you are impartial with the handing out of punishment your children will tell you to your face that you are showing favoritism. 


If you love to read the Hebrew history book (Bible) there is a story there about the fall of the fallen angels, Lucifer in particular. I am only using the Bible in this essay to raise a point about rule of law and civilization. The book talks about a day when the angels who rebelled against the rule of law in Heaven will be judged! God didn’t kill the rebel angels at the scene of the crime, according to the book of Jude he has reserved them in chains of darkness until the day of Judgment. If you want to talk about civilized then this is our example from higher beings, no matter what your transgression happens to be, you have the right to be judged….even the angels.


  I would like to use the American family as a house full of  different nationalities and then let’s view the President as the father of the nation. The black son and the white son of America have a real problem with each other and in a healthy home situation, the father would be the one to intervene. We are not asking the President to intervene on the behalf of the black son of America because he is black, we are asking the administration to intervene on the behalf of  the free black Negro who has U.S citizenship.

There was once a white President by the name of John F. Kennedy who saw the Negro as a member of the American family, even though it was a forced adoption,  John Kennedy gave his life to bring together the black son of America and the White son of America. There was another white President by the name of Lyndon B. Johnson who picked up the banner after the assassination of John F. Kennedy and signed the Civil rights act of 1964.

These Presidents were on the right side of history because they understood that the adopted Negro, was a full-fledged citizen of the U.S and that his citizenship carried all the rights and privileges that the White citizen enjoyed.  We have come to a dangerous crossroad in this country because America is a house divided and it is written that a divided house cannot stand.

We don’t have to talk to each other when riding the bus, we don’t have to talk to each other on the train, we don’t have to speak to each other  while passing on the street, we don’t have to talk to each other at sporting events but this one thing we must do, racist and non-racist alike, we must find a way to get along……...or we will go down in history as the foolish nation that destroyed itself!  This is the Scribe signing off….


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