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Florida Governor Breaks Protocol; Declines To Greet President

Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) declined an invitation to meet President  Obama on the tarmac Wednesday as he arrived in South Florida, but Principal deputy press secretary Eric Schultz said they aren’t taking the rejection personally.



“As custom, we invite the governors of the states in which we travel to meet the president. Sometimes their schedule allows them to do so and sometimes it doesn’t,” Schultz said.

Local 10 News reports:

Obama is using his Earth Day visit to Florida’s Everglades to warn of the damage that climate change is already inflicting on the nation’s environmental treasures — and to hammer political opponents he says are doing far too little about it.

“In the words of Douglas, there are no other Everglades in the world, and we’re here because climate change is threatening the communities that depend on it, which includes almost all of South Florida,” the president said. “If we don’t act, there may not be an Everglades as we know it.”

Scott’s administration has denied reports that it banned the term “climate change” from official government communications.

“If it’s not true, we look forward to them contributing to the discussion about one of the most important issues that we face,” Schultz said. “If the Scott administration is now joining the rest of us in confirming the impacts of climate change on both the environment and the energy sectors, we welcome that change in position on the governor’s part.”.

Watch courtesy of Local 10:

Scott’s displayed many other faults so this isn’t too surprising. Maybe the Florida Governor was afraid Obama would say banned words in his state like ‘Climate Change.’

We’re sure Scott was busy with his many other daily tasks such as pulling the wings off of flies.

Source: Freak Out Nation

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