Flashback Friday: Henry Cele – Remembering An Awesome Talent

Sometimes as we go through life, we tend to forget people that have left this place we call earth. Many were fantastic and talented people who portrayed significant roles in amazing films that were critical in showing the world what a period of time we may have read about like but never had a true visual.  On this Flashback Friday; EarHustle411 remembers actor Henry Cele.

henry cele

Born in Durbin, South Africa on January 30, 1949, Cele most notably known for his dynamic portrayal of the African Warrior Shaka Zulu.  Prior to his going into acting Cele whose nickname was ‘Black Cat’ due to his swift kicks on the soccer field where he assumed the position of the  Goalie.  He also coached professional Soccer well after his 20-year acting career ended.

Some of Henry Cele’s appearances include The Last Samuari, Killer Instinct, The Ghost and The Darkness but his claim to fame and what he will be most remembered for was his role as Shaka Zulu.

Check out a snippet of Henry’s performance as Shaka Zulu:

Henry Cele passed away on November 2, 2007 after complications of a chest infection at the time of his death he was legacy was survived by his wife Jennifer Hollander.   May this awesome talent Rest In Peace!!




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