Video: H & M Closes All Of Its Stores In South Africa After Stores Are Destroyed

Protestors storm the mall in South Africa destroying everything in sight at H & M stores after racist ad depicting black youth in Monkey Hoodie.
The protesters were reacting to the ad in which a black child wore a sweatshirt with the slogan “coolest monkey in the jungle.” It appeared on the British version of the Swedish retailer’s online store.

Several social media users shared footage showing demonstrators throwing racks of clothing to the ground. Images show merchandise in piles and toppled security sensors.

On Twitter Saturday morning, Malema wrote: “We will never be told by any fool on how to fight against our oppression particularly those who have never been at the picket lines. There’s no formula on how you should fight the oppressor, expect more action against all racists, individually and collectively this year.”

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