Fans Of Tamar Braxton Callout Her Pettiness For Unfollowing Tameka “Tiny” Harris From Her Instagram Page…Check Out Why!!

Tamar Braxton is really feeling some kind of way about any of her friends or acquaintances appearing on “The Real.” The singer actually unfollowed her friend Tameka “Tiny” Harris today after she commented on her friend, Monica Brown, co-hosting on “The Real” this week.

Tiny did not mention Tamar Braxton or “The Real” in her caption so there is no reason for Braxton to be acting this way.

Harris simply wrote, “Ok @monicabrown showing out this wk…make sure u tune in to catch her co-hosting..she on right now on Fox!!”

Just hours later, Tamar decided to unfollow

Fans began calling Tamar out for being ridiculously petty:

One person wrote, “Call that bit*h Petty Labelle because she has a lot of growing up to do.”

Shirdalene posted, “How childish of Tamar, she thinks the world revolves around her. She mad cuz her friends were invited on The Real & expects them to refuse the invite cuz she got fired.”

Amirah.knight79 commented, “How is that being a good friend? Lol Tamar is seriously a childish ass adult..when she doesn’t get her way she bitches && moans..such a terrible trait.”

And Plussize_pin_up wrote, “Tamar gotta grow up she so petty and bitter abt losing that job like she struggling out here girl sit down yo life good why u pressed and losing friends behind a talk show like somebody fucked yo husband girlllllllla u annoying at this point.. How u dnt wanna see those around u b successful and succeed in life but u a church girl and saved 😒😒 stop the front the gig is up u have a very jealous spiritdomdiamondznpearlzI want Tamar to grow tf up. What is this? Middle school? Tamar keeps it up she won’t have no family or friends to turn to. Smh dang shame you let fame go to your head.”

To date, Tamar has already unfollowed Kandi Burruss, Monica, Toya Wright, and now her friend Tiny Harris. This is getting ridiculous!

Braxton responded to the controversy after she unfollowed Monica and Toya Wright on Instagram, claiming that she unfollowed them simply because they “post too much.” Of course, no one buys what she is selling.

Source Dallas Black

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