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Actress Janet Hubert’s Son Attempts To Commit Suicide And She Blames Will Smith On Social Media

For Fresh Prince Of Belair cast member Janet Hubert is making headlines again.  It seems her son Elijah Whitten recently attempted to commit suicide and she took to Twitter on June 1st with a rant that Will Smith was the reason her son tried to take his life because he ruined her life with lies. The tweet has been deleted.

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For years Hubert has been saying that the reason she isn’t working is because Will Smith said she was difficult to work with.  She also says that Smith  should publicly apologize to her.

We don’t know if there’s any truth to what Hubert has been implying but what we do know is there has to be a reason why she hasn’t been active in “Hollyweird” and even if Will Smith made that statement Hubert should be doing what she can to prove him wrong.

While being an actress was her job, we’re sure there’s something else she can do to make money. Over the years it doesn’t seem like she’s destitute or lacking resources to live her life.

The best thing she can do at this point is to stop pointing blame at Will Smith and get her son some help and in the meantime a nice “couch” for her to lay on because it’s probably time she got help too.

Suicide ain’t no joke and we pray her son Elijah will be alright and he gets the help he needs to cope with his issues that made him want to take his life.

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