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Family In Arizona Finds Abandoned Baby Girl Outside Their Home

Family In Arizona Finds Abandoned Baby Girl Outside Their Home

The 7-pound-8-ounce infant remained hospitalized, but doctors said she appeared to be healthy. Police estimate she was hours old when she was found, Berry said.

ames and Roseanne McCulloh said their son spotted a baby carrier on top of an irrigation box Tuesday morning while he was standing on the front porch. He then gently removed a metal panel that was on top of it.

“I saw him jump 20 feet, and he said ‘There’s a baby in it,’ ” Roseanne McCulloh said. “I ran over there. She wasn’t blue. I touched her little arm, and I opened up the blanket. She was just beautiful.”

The girl was wrapped in a blanket, but there was nothing else in the carrier. The couple brought her inside and called 911. Roseanne McCulloh warmed up a blanket in the microwave while her husband wiped the baby down. Emergency responders showed up and transported the girl to the hospital.

Roseanne McCulloh said she believes the baby was left there around 2 a.m. She said her daughter recalls hearing noise from their irrigation box through her bedroom window around that time.

Mesa police are asking anyone who may have been in the area Tuesday morning to come forward, Berry said. Investigators want to speak with anyone who remembers seeing a woman or a vehicle or anything suspicious. As of Wednesday afternoon, police hadn’t received any calls with possible new leads since holding the news conference.

Investigators do not believe the mother gave birth at any hospital. Berry said no medical facility would have let an infant leave with “a full umbilical cord attached.”

Source:  Fox32Chicago

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