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Exclusive: Nia Holloway Talks New Music And Touring On Broadway

New Music Nia Holloway's Actavist

New Music Coming soon Nia Holloway’s Atavist

New Music

I had the pleasure to talk to the talented young starlet, Nia Holloway about her new music while she was on break from her Tour of Disney’s Broadway The Lion King. In the play, the 20-year old singer/songwriter invokes the powerful role of Nala, and in her true life, she is a fiery ambitious young woman with a broad range of goals and aspirations. Her new mixtape “A Rookie and a Vet,” which I had the opportunity to preview, will be premiering exclusively on Earhustle 411 in just a few weeks. I had a chance to speak candidly with Nia via video chat about her new project and how she feels about coming out to the world in full fury with her new music, video, and what’s coming up next for the beautiful chanteuse. Nia Holloway’s new mixtape “A Rookie and a Vet” will be dropping on Earhustle 411 on Monday February 15th along with her new single and video “Actavist”. Check out our exclusive interview below:

Check out Nia Holloway’s video for “Favorite Love Song”!

Nia Singing the National Anthem at the Grizzly’s Basket ball game.

More about Nia Holloway:


Nia means purpose. Her parents knew from birth that her life would have purpose and that she would have a special gift to share with the world. By the age of five her voice was far different from other five year olds. She began training in ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop dance. Nia developed a passion for singing and dancing and it was clear that she would carry on the legacy of the Divas who came before her on both sides of her family. She is the granddaughter of the legendary Loleatta Holloway and great granddaughter of Sylvia Shemwell of The Sweet Inspirations.

Nia made it clear at an early age that she wanted to be an entertainer. She began seriously pursuing her career at age 10 and sang her first solo at Saint Philip AME Church in Atlanta. At age 12 she competed in and was a finalist in the McDonald’s “The Gift Competition”. Nia’s talents then took her to the world famous Apollo Theater where she won the Stars of Tomorrow competition multiple times. In 2010 Nia was cast in the Hub Network’s hit reality show Majors and Minors. While filming the show she was mentored by Brandy, Leona Lewis, Jordin Sparks, Avril Lavigne, Mike Posner, Colby Caillat, Sean Kingston, Ryan Tedder, Claude Kelly, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson and Will.I.Am.

During the course of her middle school and high school years Nia was able to live somewhat of a double life. She went to public school, was a small forward on her high school basketball team and won a state championship, and she was in multiple school and local theatrical productions. Nia also became the voice of the Star Spangled Banner in her community as she was known as the girl who would sing the national anthem in her basketball uniform at almost all of her team’s home games.

In 2013 Nia’s life was forever changed when her parents took her to an open call audition for Disney’s The Lion King on Broadway. She was cast in the principle role of “Nala” in the legendary production. At age 17, Nia became the youngest actress ever to ever nab this coveted role, which was pioneered by Heather Headley. Since 2013 Nia has traveled North America with the Gazelle tour of the Lion King on Broadway and has performed for well over 10 million people. During this time she has garnered rave reviews from theater critics, publications across the nation, and fans.

Nia began following her dreams at a young age and has always approached the world based on her mantra of living with “No Fear”. She plans to continue to build her brand and expand her career in theater, television, film, and of course her first love, Music. Stay tuned and watch what happens next because it’s going to be an amazing ride!



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