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Mixtape Mondays: Nia Holloway Drops New Music and Video


New Music Mixtape cover rookie and a vet

New Music Nia Holloway “Rookie and a Vet” Mixtape

Mixtape Mondays: Nia Holloway Drops New Music and Video

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to feature and interview Singer/Actress Nia Holloway, and talk about her New Music project “Rookie and a Vet”. We also had the opportunity to preview the project ahead of time. During the interview we learned of Broadway (Lion King) star’s desire to drop her project exclusively with Earhustle 411. We are honored to collaborate with such talented young women and are excited to debut her project right here. The uniquely titled mixtape, written and Executive Produced by Nia, relatably speaks to young women experiencing the ups and downs of relationships, having confidence, and being triumphant. High-energy future forward songs like “Atavist” talk about a woman questioning her beau’s indefensible motives, and lets him know that he must be taking prescriptives if he thinks she will deal with his infidelities. Other songs like “Winner” speaks to the inner strength that you must exude in order to slay/succeed in this world. Along side multi-platinum Music Producer Roy Hamilton and Songwriter Floyd Holloway, the 20 year old has definitely penned a solid body of work far beyond her age. Her crisp vocals are in my opinion the thing that stands out most on this project. Throughout the day, we will postings singles from our Social media pages and interacting with you to see which songs you like the best. Check out her Soundcloud below to listen to the”Rookie and a Vet” Mixtape available on Soundcloud.


“Rookie and a Vet”

Nia Talk Music

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